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`Smoking alcohol` trend dangerous that downing a glass or two

Wellington: Mixing alcohol with dry ice could lead to a strong possibility of serious health problems, drug and alcohol experts have warned.

A video clip showing a man mixing these ingredients at home and inhaling the vapours made news in America last week and is just the latest to document the trend known as `smoking` alcohol.

Professor Steve Allsop, director of Australia`s National Drug Research Institute, said that `smoking` alcohol eliminates the factors associated with low-risk drinking, like drinking with a meal or enjoying the flavour, reported.

Allsop explained that it`s using alcohol purely for its intoxicating effects, which puts people at higher risk.

He said that when people drink alcohol normally, there`s a saturation point when they realise they`ve had enough, but when you inhale alcohol that function doesn`t kick in, so the potential for overdose is far higher too.


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