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Smoking does make you look older

ANI| Updated: Oct 31, 2013, 13:30 PM IST

New York: A new study has found that smoking can reduce the amount of oxygen to the skin and can speed the breakdown of collagen.

Smokers are likely to get bags under their eyes and wrinkles around their lips earlier than non-smokers, according to a new study of identical twins.

Judges who didn't know which twin smoked said the smoker looked older 57 percent of the time.

That pattern held when both twins were smokers but one had smoked for many years longer than the other.

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi said that smoking makes you look old.

She told a news agency that besides lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes, just one more good reason to stop smoking is that it's definitely making you look a lot older.

The findings are published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.