Soon, four-in-one superpill to add years to life

London: Scientists want the four-in-one drug to be licensed across the world, as various trials have proved the efficacy of the superpill in reducing heart disease risk.

The researchers have claimed that this will be a game-changer in slashing heart disease, with "considerable potential to improve global health," as test results from more than 3,000 patients have been significant, the Daily Express reported.

The polypill, which combines two blood pressure drugs, statins and aspirin, was found to lower cholesterol and hypertension, and blood pressure and cholesterol fell by a "modest but highly statistically significant" amount among the polypill users compared with patients on standard treatments.

Ruth Webster, of the George Institute for Global Health, Sydney, said that most patients either don't start or don't continue taking all the medications they need, which can lead to untimely death or further cardiovascular events.

Webster added that the largest benefits of the pill were seen in patients not currently receiving all recommended medications, which means most cardiovascular disease patients around the world.

The researchers are confident that combining several drugs in one pill will encourage medication to be taken more reliably, but despite also being cheaper, the polypill remains unlicensed in Britain because aspirin can cause gastric bleeding.

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