Soon, scalp-cooling caps to prevent chemo hair loss

Washington: US researchers are planning to put to test a theory, which states that giving scalp a deep chill, will help keep much of your hair while you undergo chemotherapy.

It is believed that near-freezing temperatures reduce blood flow in the scalp, which makes it tough for cancer-fighting drugs to reach and harm hair follicles, the Courier Mail reported.

Later this summer, Dr Hope Rugo of the University of California, San Francisco and Dr Susan Melin of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre, along with researchers at a few other hospitals in New York and California, will start enrolling 110 early stage breast cancer patients in a study of the DigniCap brand of scalp cooling.

The tight-fitting, insulated cap is connected to a cooling machine while patients undergo chemotherapy.

Participants` hair are going to be photographed for experts to assess, and then they are going to be compared with a small group of similarly ill patients who get chemotherapy alone.


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