Spine function test to make back pain treatment easier

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: At some point of time every person suffers from back pain in their lives. To measure the functioning of the spine, researchers have developed a digital test.

India's Qi Spine Clinic generated a spine function graph, that a muscular evaluation of the spine with a digital spine analysis(DSA) will led to customised treatment and non-surgical therapy for many spine specialists.

Nithij Arenja, promoter of Qi Spine Clinic, states that a digital spine analysis(DSA) is really simple.

He further added that what can be measured, can be managed. And Qi Spine Clinic generate a Spine Function Graph which will provides a vital link to the treatment of the spine function.

The spine is the least measured and most miraculous engineering marvel in our body, Nithij noted.

"From bankers to housewives, young college students to sportsmen, Qi has seen every conceivable patient category," said Garima Anandani, head of spine consultants at Qi.

"The problems are all different, and hence the therapy is different for each person too," Anandani added.

A statement from the clinic added that traditional scanning methods such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and X-rays fail to identify a clear cause for back pain in 85 percent of the cases.

The findings were published in the journal Appetite.

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