Study suggests losing weight elevates mood

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Washington: A new study has revealed that obese adults who lose even at least 5 percent of their body weight are more likely to sleep better and have a brighter mood.

The study found that weight loss at 6 months improved sleep quality, as well as mood, regardless of how the individuals lost the weight.

Nasreen Alfaris, MD said that this study has confirmed several other studies which have reported weight loss is associated with increased sleep duration.

She further explained that advanced studies are needed to examine the potential effects of weight regain in diminishing the short-term improvements of weight loss on sleep duration and sleep quality.

The findings suggested that people who lost at least 5 percent of their weight in six months gained an average of 21.6 minutes of sleep a night, compared with only 1.2 minutes of those who lost less than 5 percent.

Likewise, people who lost around 5 percent of initial weight reported greater improvements on measures of sleep quality and mood, which is linked with the symptoms of depression, compared with the people who lost less than 5 percent weight. 



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