`Sugar in tea helps stress sip away`

London: Stressed at work? Fret not. Just
have two spoonfuls of sugar in your tea -- it`ll help anxiety
sip away, say researchers.

A new study has found sweetened drinks make people
less aggressive and argumentative as the sugar rush provides
the brain with the energy it needs to keep impulses under
control, stopping people from lashing out when under pressure.

"When provocation is likely, for example, when
encountering a difficult supervisor at a meeting, drinking a
sweetened beverage prior to this encounter might increase
one`s ability to effectively inhibit aggressive impulses.

"Consuming a sweetened beverage on the commute home
following a stressful day could reduce aggression toward
family members or fellow drivers," the researchers were quoted
by the `Daily Mail` as saying.

In fact, for the study, the researchers gave lemonade
to a group of men and women. Some was sweetened with sugar,
the rest with an artificial sweetener.

The volunteers were set a series of stressful tasks,
culminating in preparing a speech. After giving their talk,
some were provoked by being told the content was boring and

Those who had drunk the sugary lemonade rose less to
the bait, according to the findings published in the `Journal
of Experimental Social Psychology`.

The researchers, from the University of New South
Wales and Queensland University, said the brain needs sugar,
or glucose, to power "executive functioning", which includes
the ability to control actions.

"One method of increasing the energy available to the
brain for exercising executive control is by increasing blood
glucose levels. Additional glucose should provide the energy
necessary to restrain aggressive impulses when provoked.

"Despite the widespread notion that glucose
consumption can lead to a `sugar high` resulting in impulsive
behaviour our data suggest that glucose can increase executive
control when provoked," the researchers said.


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