Sunglasses can ease migraine pain

Updated: Jan 11, 2010, 00:00 AM IST

London: Suffering from migraine? Fret
not, slip on a pair of a shades, for a new study has revealed
that sunglasses can help in easing the debilitating pain from
the condition, even at night.

Previous researches have found that even at night,
light intensifies a migraine headache but failed to explain
the exact reason behind the cause.

Now, a team, led by Prof Rami Burstein of Harvard
Medical School, has found the reason why light makes migraine
worse -- by identifying a new visual pathway which underlies
sensitivity to light during migraine in both blind individuals
and in individuals with normal eyesight.

In fact, migraine pain are believed to develop
when the matter surrounding the brain and central nervous
system becomes irritated and 85 per cent of sufferers become
sensitive to light.

Prof Burstein said they should do anything to avoid
light during an episode. "Patients may wear sunglasses, even
at night. The dimmest of light can make migraine pain worse,"
the British media quoted him as saying.

In their study, the researchers showed that light
increased the effects of migraines by recruiting two groups of
people who suffered regular severe headaches.