Surgical cure to Parkinson`s disease claimed

Kolkata: An institute of neurological diseases here claimed to have discovered a surgical cure to the Parkinson`s disease.

"Deep brain simulation (DBS) is a surgical procedure used in the brain to treat a variety of neurological symptoms, particularly the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson`s disease, like tremor, rigidity, stiffness, slowed movement, and walking problems," a spokesman of Medica Institute of Neurological Diseases said here yesterday.

DBS, used a surgically implanted, battery-operated device called a neurosimulator, similar to a heart pacemaker and approximately the size of a stopwatch, to deliver electrical simulation to targetted areas of brain that control movement, blocking abnormal nerve signals that cause tremor and abnormal symptoms.

"The path-breaking treatment gives considerable relief from symptoms and greatly reduces the intake of medication," he said.