Surprising health benefits of orange-grape fusion!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: We all know that grapes and oranges are packed with rich nutrients and high antioxidants. Recently Warwick University researchers discovered that a mixture of red grapes and oranges can ward off obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.


Researchers combined the two chemical compounds- Trans-resveratrol (tRES) found in grapes and Hesperetin (HESP) present in oranges- in the form of a pill that can beat the deadly trio.

The two compounds, when tested together, significantly decreased blood sugar levels, improved the level of insulin and the health of arteries.


Paul Thornalley, who led the research, said that this is an incredibly exciting development and could have a massive impact on their ability to treat these diseases. As well as helping to treat diabetes and heart disease it could defuse the obesity time bomb.


The study published in journal Diabetes showed that the compounds can work efficiently by increasing a protein called glyoxalase 1 (Glo1) in the body which neutralizes a damaging sugar-derived compound called methylglyoxal (MG).

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