Taj city homeopath claims world record

Agra: In terms of numbers, this doctor has single-handedly done what many hospitals will be proud of. Parthsarthy Sharma, a 40-year-old homoeopathic doctor here, claims to have treated an astonishing 800,000 patients in his career, breaking his previous Guinness world record of 300,000.

"I have again sent in papers to claim a new record. Even my earlier record remains unbeaten. My achievement is important because the records are in public domain, not private, as I work for a Jain charitable institution which properly and scientifically documents all records," Sharma said.

Sharma said he wanted to highlight this achievement to prove the popularity of homoeopathy as an established and proven therapy.

"For a country like India, homoeopathy provides affordable and convenient treatment procedures and medicines," he said.
He said homoeopathy is becoming popular because there are no side effects or reactions.

"I have been treating all kinds of patients, including those with cancer," he added.

Each morning, Sharma is busy with hundreds of patients coming from distant areas at the Lohamandi Jain Samaj Hospital here.

"My aim was not to set a record but to help the maximum number of people in whatever way I can. Some even come to seek my guidance about the treatment available in other therapies or surgery," he said.

"No system of therapy is complete. Interdependence and multi-pronged attack on the disease give good results. Modern diagnostic tools are being used by everyone these days. I also use them, but with my long experience, I rely more on physical and general observation, using common sense," Sharma said.

He started working in a homoeopathic dispensary in 1993.

"From 1993 till a month ago, I have treated or advised 800,000 patients. Each day I get around 150 patients. Medicines are given free at our clinic," he said.

His patients, meanwhile, are all praise for the doctor.

"Homoeopathy is now proving popular and has benefited many people in our city," industrialist Swaroop Chandra Jain, 76.

Rai Bahadur from Fatehpur Sikri said he has been taking medicines given by Sharma for a fairly long time and is able to carry on his normal duties without hindrance.

Many patients said the emotional bonding with the doctor is just as important as the medicines and diagnosis.

In fact, Sharma said he had learnt the "new ABCD of medicine" -- A for availability, B for behaviour, C for competence and D for devotion.

Sharma also said he was busy in some research work using a common weed Phyllanthes Amarus (Jad Ambla) to treat a multiple number of diseases from jaundice to cancer. The drug had been accepted by the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), New Delhi, and is set for clinical trials.

Agra has three Guinness record holders now. Apart from Sharma, the Taj city boasts of teenager Akash Gupta, who holds the record for playing a guitar continuously for 55 hours, and Dinesh Shandilya, for making the smallest and longest flutes, which measure four inches and 10 feet respectively.