Teenager`s 18-kg malignant tumour surgically removed

Chandigarh: Doctors at the Post-graduate Institute of Medical Sciences Rohtak have successfully removed a malignant tumour weighing about 18 kilogramme by chopping foot of an 18-year-old patient.

The patient was suffering from Osteosarcoma, a high grade bone cancer.

The operation was conducted yesterday and lasted for two-and-a-half hours, a spokesman of the PGIMS said Saturday.

He said that it was about one-and-a-half year ago that the patient, Arvind, hailing from Madina village had come to the institute for treatment.

He was found suffering from malignancy in his leg which would have to be chopped off, but his relatives started treatment from somewhere else and during the period the tumour increased in size by ten times thus rendering him immovable.

Yesterday, he again returned to the OPD of the institute and doctors decided to operate him without any delay.

A PGIMS doctor said that had this tumour not been separated from his body, it could have burst creating more complications for the patient.

The spokesman said that the patient would recover soon.