There is no standard method for brushing teeth: Study

Washington: A study has revealed that there is no common recommendation on brushing method given by dental associations, toothpaste and toothbrush companies and in dental textbooks, across ten countries.

The researchers from University College London found no clear consensus between the various sources, and a "worrying" lack of agreement between advices from dental associations compared with dental textbooks.

Aubrey Sheiham, senior author of the study, said that the public needed to have sound information on the best method to brush their teeth as different opinions from dental association, toothbrush companies and dentist might confuse them about how to brush.

The conflicting messages given by different organisations highlighted the need for research into how effective different brushing methods were, but at present, the experts recommend a simple scrubbing technique as it is easy to learn and there is no evidence to justify a more complicated method.

This study is published in the British Dental Journal. 

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