This is how you can prevent motion sickness

Motion sickness is generally caused by sensory confusion and can affect anyone in any moving vehicle

Zee Media Bureau/Sumit Channa

New Delhi: Commonly known as travel sickness, this condition can completely ruin your traveling experience. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable, nauseated or dizzy while traveling because it not only destroys your journey but also makes it awkward for the people traveling along with you.

Motion sickness is generally caused by sensory confusion and can affect anyone in any moving vehicle. It is tough to deal with its symptoms but its surely easy to prevent motion sickness. Here are some tips that can help you beat this condition.


Gulp down something light

Traveling on an empty stomach is big no as it can make a person more vulnerable to motion sickness. Consume food at least an hour before traveling but make sure that you don't gulp down too much. You can also carry some packets of snacks before embarking on your journey.

Choose your seat wisely

It is essential to get a seat where you feel like sitting as it could make a lot of difference. Choose a seat where you feel minimum amount of motion. For example, in a car, it can be the seat next to the driver rather than the back seat or in a train it can be next to the window rather than sitting cramped in the middle.

Try to get fresh air

Irrespective of the mode of you are traveling in, it is important to get fresh air. Motion sickness can make a person feel hot so it is essential to get fresh air so as to stave off this condition. In case you are traveling by road, you can roll down the car or bus window and allow fresh air to come in.

Ginger can prove efficient

Ginger can prove quite efficient in staving off motion sickness. To alleviate motion sickness, try to consume some ginger in whatever form you can. You can either swallow it or maybe consume a drink with ginger in it.


If you are aware of your susceptibility to motion sickness, it is essential to relax as much as possible. Tell yourself and also believe that you will be fine as it helps to beat this condition.