These are the reasons why people faint!

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New Delhi: Have you ever wondered of what could be the reason behind fainting? Well, we all must have come across certain person in our life who seems perfectly fit and healthy but suddenly without any reason they started to lose their consciousness.

Fainting is a sudden loss of consciousness which is caused by a lack of oxygen in the brain. Though the cause of fainting is unclear, there are a number of factors that may trigger it.

Here are some factors that could be the causes of fainting:

Low blood pressure

Fainting can be caused by low blood pressure and it usually affects older people, particularly those people who aged over 65.


When your body gets dehydrated, the amount of fluid in your blood will be reduced and blood pressure will decrease. This increases the risk of fainting as it makes the nervous system harder to stabilise your blood pressure.


If you are a diabetic, then you are likely to faint as uncontrolled diabetes makes you urinate frequently which further leads to dehydration. The excess blood sugar levels can also damage the nerves that help regulate blood pressure.

Heart disease

Heart problems can also cause fainting as it interrupt the brain's blood supply. The medical term for this type of fainting is called cardiac syncope.


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