Thyroid lobe removed through armpit without scar on the neck

Coimbatore: A city hospital has introduced a method of removing lobe of thyroid by approaching without a scar in the neck, carrying out surgery through armpit.

A 23-year-old woman has approached Anurag Hopspital, with a neck swelling of 6-month duration, which was enlarging at a fast growth and biopsy did not show any cancer, Dr John Thanakumar, chief of the hospital, told.

A small incision of 0.5 cm wide from the right armpit was made and removed the swelling without scar in the neck, which was claimed as the first of its kind in the medical history, Thanakumar, laparoscopic surgeon, said.
"We used a high resolution Stryker camera with LED powerful light source, a high definition magnifying telescope and state of the art monitor for the surgery. Using Carbon Dioxide and a balloon we made a passage from the armpit into the neck and removed the entire right thyroid gland," he said.
The size of the mass removed was around 5 CM in size, he said.

The patient was discharged at 22 hours after the surgery.

The pain factor was markedly less as well as the bleeding due to much magnified view of the operating area due to advanced imaging, Thanakumar said.