Tips to treat sunburn

 Zee Media Bureau/R. Nandini

Sunburn can be painful not only due to its immediate affects on the skin but also for the scars left by them. Therefore, its important to take precaution and even more important to select the right kind of treatment for its cure.

Here are a few tips to reverse the effects of a sunburn:

Ice effect: Rubbing ice cubes on the affected area will not only soothe the burning sensation but will also reduce the swelling, redness and irritation caused by the rashes.

Avoid sun: Try to avoid going out in the sun for at least 2 days after the sunburn. If its really important for you to step out then try avoiding the peak hours i.e. 1-5pm.

Shower magic: A cool shower can also help heal the skin fast and apply deep moisturising lotion as soon as you are done bathing, as the pores remain open for some time helping the cream to penetrate deep within the skin.

Aloe Vera effect: It is an age old home remedy to use fresh aloe vera juice on skin rashes. It's anti-inflammatory properties can heal the skin from within.

Honey drops: Honey has antiseptic properties along with natural conditioning agents which helps in keeping the area well hydrated and germ free.

Don't neglect: If the burns or rashes are more than 20 percent of your body then you must seek medical attention immediately!

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