Too much television may cause early death

Zee Media Bureau

Washington: A new study has warned that people who watch TV for three hours or more each day are likely to die prematurely.

People should consider getting regular exercise, avoiding long sedentary periods and reducing TV viewing to one to two hours a day as suggested by researchers.

Around 13,284 young and healthy Spanish university graduates are assessed by the researchers of the American Heart Association to determine the association between three types of sedentary behaviour and risk of death from all causes: television viewing time, computer accessing and driving time, Xinhua reported.

Researchers have found out that there is no significant association between the time spent using a computer or driving and higher risk of premature death from all causes.

They further says that studies are needed to confirm what effects may exist between computer use and driving on death rates, and to determine the biological mechanisms explaining these associations.

Risk of death is two-fold for those who reported watching three or more hours of TV a day as compared to those watching one or less hours.