Two-year-old with multiple injuries battles for life at AIIMS

New Delhi: A two-year-old baby has been admitted to the AIIMS for severe head injuries, cardiac arrest and broken arms with the doctors attending on her saying she stands 50 percent chances of survival but will be dependent for life.

“She was brought to us in a bitten and battered state on 18 January. Her head was badly smashed, she had broken arms, bite marks all over her body and her cheeks branded with hot iron. The teenaged girl who brought her to us claimed that the present state was a result of her falling off from the bed, which is unbelievable," Dr M C Misra, chief of Jai Prakash Narayan AIIMS Trauma Centre said.

"Since she has got bite marks all over her body we have asked our gynaecologist to carry out test for sexual abuse when she has recovered," he said.

The two-year-old, who is at the neurosurgery ICU of the AIIMS trauma centre, is on ventilator support and has had two cardiac arrests in the past few days, said Dr Deepak Aggarwal, a neurosurgeon there, who is looking into her case.

"Her chances of survival are fifty-fifty. If she did she will be dependent for the rest of her life because her brain has suffered permanent damage," he said.

The teenaged girl who brought the child to the hospital and claimed to be her mother told hospital authorities that the baby who is now on ventilator support, was injured in a fall from the bed.

Dr Misra said, "The claims made by the girl who brought this child to us do not match with the injuries seen on the child`s body. So we immediately informed the police.

"The girl was presented before the child welfare committee. We got to know that she has been sent to a juvenile home. The baby`s parents are still not traceable," he said.


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