Vacations could pose threat to mental, physical health

Washington: A new study has found that as we head into the peak season, the vacation travel can pose risks to our mental and physical health.

Licensed clinical psychologist Kate Goldhaber, PhD, said these health risks include stress caused by sticking to a set schedule or by trying too hard to make the most of a trip. Plus there`s the stress of returning home to household chores and a backlog at work.

Another is excessive drinking or overeating; gastrointestinal problems due to strange foods, a busy schedule or lack of privacy.

Sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, lack of time to yourself, conflict with fellow travelers and homesickness also make up the risks.

But vacation travel can be good for your mental health overall.

In addition to being restful and recharging, travel can be intellectually stimulating.

It provides an opportunity to spend time with friends and family; to experience new food, music, language etc.; to engage in deep conversation and intimacy; and to feel more connected to your environment, family and community.