Watch: This is how 'Salt room therapy' wards off respiratory illness!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: With rise in air pollution, the number of cases with respiratory illness is also taking a toll. Persistent smoggy whether raises pollution concentration and also increases vulnerability towards asmatic attacks and other respiratory problems.


In order to prevent chronic respiratory illness, many doctors are now recommending salt room therapy treatment to the patients with chronic respiratory illness.

Salt room therapy also known as Halotherapy is a natural, drug-free treatment performed in a salt cave with controlled air medium.

In simple words, this therapy involves inhaling salt particles which is extremely beneficial for several respiratory conditions.


Salt caves are small rooms with controlled air pressure and walls covered with thick coats of Himalyan salts. Patients are advised to relax in the room and inhale misty salty vapors that slowly remove all the debris and bacteria from their nose and respiratory tracts.

Apart from respiratory illness this therapy also beneficial for skin diseases.

To know more about this powerful therapy watch this video:


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