Watch: Touching moment when a newborn clings to its mother, refuses to let go!

Zee Media Bureau/Ritu Singh

An adorable video has surfaced on social media which is sure to make your day and warm your heart! This video captures the first few moments of a child after it was born. But the most noteworthy thing which will capture your attention is the way in which this little one clings to its mother and holds on to her face, nuzzled against her cheek.

The baby which was delivered by caesarian section just refuses to let go of her mother. When the nurse tries to take the baby away to clean it, the baby wails and does not stop until it is returned to its mum.

After several failed attempts to remove the baby, the nurses let it cling onto its mother, who eventually opens her eyes and smiles at the camera, despite being obviously drowsy from the C-section.

Watch the equally touching and powerful video here:

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