Weightlifting builds self-esteem among breast cancer survivors

Washington: In addition to muscle building,
weightlifting can also improve self-esteem among breast cancer
survivors, a new study claimed.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of
Medicine has revealed that in addition to building muscle,
weightlifting is also a prescription for self-esteem among
breast cancer survivors.

The study showed that breast cancer survivors who lift
weights regularly feel better about bodies and their
appearance and are more satisfied with their intimate
relationships compared with survivors who do not lift weights.

Survivors` self-perceptions improved with weightlifting
regardless of how much strength they gained during the
year-long study, or whether they suffered from lymphedema, an
incurable and sometimes debilitating side effect of breast
surgery, journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

"It looks like weight training is not only safe and may
make lymphedema flare ups less frequent, but it also seems
help women feel better about their bodies," said Kathryn
Schmitz, who led the study.

Schmitz added, "The results suggest that the act of
spending time with your body was the thing that was important
-- not the physical results of strength".

The new insights come from a randomized controlled trial
that tested the impact of twice-weekly weight lifting for 12
months on survivors` health and emotional status.

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