Welcome step: Girls’ college in Lucknow installs state’s first sanitary pad vending machine

Zee Media Bureau/Ritu Singh

Lucknow: A very normal biological process in a woman's life often remains a subject of taboo and an ignored agenda in India. The fact that menstruation is often linked with feelings of shame in India makes girls under confident about their bodies and makes them unable to articulate their needs. But no more, women are breaking free and all efforts in raising awareness about this issue is finally bringing some optimistic results.

Here's some good news from Lucknow's Avadh Girls' Degree College (AGDC). The authorities have decided to install the state's first sanitary napkin vending machine on the college premises. The move has been lauded by students as now it will be easy for them to procure napkins. While initially it was very embarrassing for them to ask around for a sanitary napkin, now they can directly grab one from the machine.

The machine charges a simple sum of ₹10 to drop a sanitary napkin and is installed in women's washrooms.

Furthermore, the department of women's studies at Lucknow University is in the process of setting up a sanitary napkin manufacturing unit in one of the girls' hostels.

They plan to set this up based on the lines of the work of Arunachalam Muruganantham, the Menstrual Man of India.


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