Why `corset diet` can be harmful for your health

ANI| Last Updated: Oct 14, 2013, 15:09 PM IST

Washington: Experts have warned that corsets are coming back in fashion thanks to the latest diet fad, called the 'corset diet', which though helps in curbing one's food intake, is dangerous.


At the beginning of the diet programme, people don a corset for a few hours every day and eventually work their way up to 12 hours a day.

Even though, majority of doctors have warned that corsets can lead to serious health damage, proponents of the method claimed that the old fashion accessory actually works as it functions as a sort of non-surgical gastric bypass sleeve.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Alexander Sinclair, M.D. insisted that the method could also work by changing a person's bone structure since it compresses the rib cage.

Bariatric physician Jyotindra Shah has claimed that there's a reason women left corsets behind in the Victorian Era because it's long-term use can bruise liver, spleen and kidneys, damage skin and restrict breathing.

Shah added that the lack of oxygenation as a result of wearing the corset might actually contribute to metabolic syndrome, which leads to weight gain as oxygen helps speed up the metabolism process.

Shah believes that corset diet is no diet at all.