Why one cookie is never enough

Ever wondered why munching one cookie is not enough to satisfy your taste buds? Well, researchers have found the answer for you: the culprit is glucose-fructose syrup.

The Daily Mail reports, research shows processed snack foods often contain glucose-fructose syrup, an ingredient that makes your brain think you need to eat more.

Glucose-fructose syrup is a type of sugar based on one found in fruit that is used to add bulk and moisture to foods. It`s a common ingredient in processed snack foods, cereals, yogurt and fizzy drinks, reports The New York Daily News.

Dr Carel Le Roux, a consultant in metabolic medicine at Imperial College London, told the Daily Mail that fructose can scramble messages to the brain about being full.

"When we eat sugar, our body releases insulin which tells the brain that we have had enough to eat.

"High insulin levels are one of the factors that dampen the appetite," she said.

The expert added: "But fructose doesn`t trigger as much of an insulin response as regular sugar, so the brain won`t get the message that you are full."