Why women become sexier after giving birth

Sydney: Many new mothers can’t stop cribbing about their bodies after giving birth, but the sheer ‘acceptance’ of motherhood actually makes women look sexier post delivery.

According to Dr Fiona Kate Barlow, social psychologist at the University of Queensland, there are plenty of reasons why being a new mother makes a woman more attractive.

“The easiest way to talk about this is to look at the qualities of a mother that we like,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Barlow as saying.

“Mothers fulfil that care-giving role, someone with an incredible font of love for their kids – qualities that are all very attractive.

“When that`s combined with the sexual aspects of motherhood, like rounded breasts and a fuller face, you get that special combination of fertility and that nurturing aspect that we find very desirable,” added Barlow.

Add to that a knockout figure and a life that many consider to be “white picket fence-perfect” and you`re left with what, to some, is the ultimate package of femininity, Barlow said.


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