Women need more sleep than men: Study

Zee Media Bureau

According to a study, women need an extra 20 minutes of sleep each night.Women need more sleep than men and often don't get enough. Not getting enough sleep is the major reason behind a host of different illnesses and health isues like obesity, heart disease and depression.

This latest study reveals that women, on average, need an extra 20 minutes of sleep.The researchers also discovered that men did not show a heightened potential of developing ailments which impact women when they lack sleep. 

Women who were not getting enough sleep, missing out on that extra 20 minutes and more, also had higher inflammation markers and because inflammation is linked to pain, women are likely to feel more pain upon waking up than a man who has also failed to get enough sleep.This is the reason behind that grumpiness and feeling of uneasiness that women usually face in the morning.  

If getting enough sleep at night doesn't seem a viable option, the researchers suggest taking a nap. But they warn, the nap must be either 25 minutes or 90. Sleep goes in cycles and by sticking to 25 minutes or 90, you'll get enough rest without your body thinking it's getting more and therefore making you feel even groggier when you wake up.

So ladies, go catch up on your beauty sleep!