Women suffer 20 years of bad hair days in a lifetime

Updated: Jun 16, 2013, 20:23 PM IST

London: Women spend a staggering 20 years of their lives worrying over `bad hair days`, a UK poll has found.

The poll found the average woman in UK will spend 7,332 days of her life being miserable about the state of her tresses.

Eight out of 10 women said their feelings of self-worth, confidence and beauty depend on how their hair is looking. If it is messy and unruly it can make them moody and depressed for more than four hours during the day.

Travelodge, which quizzed 2,000 British women, found that more than half said their `inner strength` was dictated by their hairdo, the `Daily Express` reported.

"Having unmanageable tresses can make a woman feel tired, grumpy and less confident. In contrast a great hair day will make a woman feel sexy, confident and ready to take on the world," Shakila Ahmed, spokesperson for the hotel chain, said.