Women turning to breast milk to fight cancer

Updated: Jun 28, 2012, 16:19 PM IST

Melbourne: An Australian woman, who has drunk a glass of breast milk every day since being diagnosed with cancer believes that it is saving her life.

Jenny Jones consumes a daily 400ml dose of milk from an anonymous donor ever since she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, or bone marrow cancer, seven months ago.

It has been proved that breast milk helps build immunity in newborn babies and is a unique nutritional source that cannot adequately be replaced by any other food.

Though breast milk treatment was not prescribed by her doctor, her decision has been supported by doctors at John Flynn Private Hospital and the Mater Hospital in Brisbane where she is treated.

The 62-year-old said her cancer levels when she was diagnosed in December were “dramatic”. But after a month of daily doses of breast milk she said her levels had reduced significantly.

The mother-of-three admitted to also following standard cancer treatments including oral chemotherapy.

Gold Coast oncologist Dr Steven Stylian said that it was difficult to know which treatments were working on Jones but said that he would not dismiss the milk treatment.

“People stumble across cures all the time this way,” News.com.au quoted Dr Stylian as saying.

All treatments need to be evaluated and I`m open minded about it,” he said.

Jones had been a lactation consultant at John Flynn for 14 years and said that she was aware about the milk`s benefits.

“I`d never tasted it and never wanted to but once I had this big thing happen in my life, I just threw it down because I believe in it,” Jones added.

In 2010 researchers in Sweden had published a study that showed breast milk could kill cancer cells.