Work worries affect sleep

If you are unable to get a sound sleep at night, blame it on your work related worries.

According to a survey, nearly three-quarters of Britons are struggling to get a good night`s sleep because of work worries, reports express.

Around 69 percent people said that work problems make it difficult for them to sleep.

The main reason for restless nights was a heavy workload, with half blaming the recession and gloomy predictions for the next 12 months.

The survey also showed 39 percent wake up at least once a night fretting about their careers.

One in three dreams about work at least twice a week, with Sundays the most common occasion.

The online survey of 3,000 adults was conducted by Slumberland, a lifestyle store and Chris Tattersall, of Slumberland, said: "It`s understandable that people dream about work as it`s a key part of our lives, but it`s important not to let stress levels affect sleep."

"Getting enough rest is linked to performance. It is ironic that stress from jobs seems to be a barrier to the sleep needed to function," he added.

The survey also showed 39 per cent wake up at least once a night fretting about their careers.


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