World Liver Day 2016: Six lesser known facts about liver!

Zee Media Bureau

Liver is one of the largest and most important organ of a human body. It performs many crucial bilogical functions that keeps our body healthy and fit. It is a multifunctional organ that can perform 200 body fuctions simultaneously.

Here are some more interesting facts about this vital organ.

Detoxifying agent

Liver is the detoxifying agent of our body. Being one of the largest organ of human body it not only purifies blood but also breaks the toxic chemicals produced by our body naturally.

Chemical factory

Health experts usually call liver as ' Chemical factory' as it alone performs over 500 chemical functions in a human body.

Helps in healing

Liver produces blood- clotting factors that are responsible for the formation of blood clot. Absesnce of blood clotting factors leads to bleeding disorders.

Producer of 'Bile'

Bile is a greenish coloured fluid made by liver. It connects liver with other organs such as gall bladder, small intestine etc. It also helps in digesting fats that are present in small intestine.

Body's battery

Liver acts as a battery for our body. It stocks up sugar and uses it wherenever our body requires it. In simple words, liver keeps a check on the amount of sugar in our blood.

Storehouse of nutrients

It stores vital hormones, vitamins, minerals that are needed by our body. Whenever our body fall short of any of these, liver transports them throughut our body via bloodstreams.