World`s first womb transplant planned

London: With the help of a groundbreaking new medical procedure, a businesswoman in Europe is all set to become first person in the world to have her womb transplanted into her daughter.

If the procedure is successful then, Eva Ottosson, who runs a lighting business in Nottingham, could donate her uterus to her 25-year-old daughter Sara.

Doctor’s hope that if the transplant is successful Sara, who was born without reproductive organs, could become pregnant and carry a child in the same womb from which she herself was born.

It is being hoped the complex transplant operation could take place as early as next spring in Sweden, where doctors in Gothenburg have been assessing suitable patients for the revolutionary procedure.

Mats Brannstrom, who is leading the medical team, said a womb transplant remained one of the most complex operations known to medical science.

“Technically it is lot more difficult than transplanting a kidney, liver or heart. The difficulty with it is avoiding haemorrhage and making sure you have long enough blood vessels to connect the womb,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

“You are also working deep down in the pelvis area and it is like working in a funnel. It is not like working with a kidney, which is really accessible,” he added.


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