Yoga reduces job burnout and stress: Study

Ahmedabad: Making yoga a part of the
daily lifestyle significantly reduces job burnout and stress,
a study conducted on industry executives has found.

The study was conducted on 84 executives of Grasim
Industries Ltd, a flagship company of Aditya Birla Group,
based in Bharuch, by IAS officer and Principal Secretary,
Education, Government of Gujarat, Hasmukh Adhia and two other
researchers--H R Nagendra and B Mahadevan.

The group of 84 executives was divided into two groups
of 42 each. The yoga group was given 30 hours of yoga practice
(75 mins every day) and 25 hours of theory lectures on the
philosophy of yoga, according to the study published in the
quarterly magazine of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
(IIM-A) `Vikalpa`.

The second group formed physical exercise group, which
was given training of equal number of hours of physical
workout and lectures on success factors in life based on
modern theory and not yoga.

Stress was measured using a standard self-reported
questionnaire on experience of both pre and post the
experiment for a month on both the groups.

Measurement of certain parameters such as blood
pressure, body mass index (BMI), blood sugar and weight was
also taken both pre and post experiment.

"Stress, when measured, showed statistically significant
drop for managers in the yoga group, while ironically in the
physical exercise group, stress increased as their working
schedule became more hectic due to additional exercise," Adhia


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