Zap wonder nerve to get rid of headaches

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2013, 16:00 PM IST

London: A pilot study of a new technique to get rid of headache has been completed.

In the new method, a handheld device, called ElectroCore, applies a bolt of electricity to the neck to stimulate the vagus nerve - the nerve connecting the brain to many of the body`s organs, which includes the heart.

21 volunteers took part in the trial and 18 people said that there was a reduction in their headache`s severity and frequency; they said that the problem was 50 percent less painful after using the device daily and whenever they felt the problem was emerging, New scientist reported.

The new study suggested that it`s possible to stimulate the nerve only through the skin, rather than looking towards surgery.

Cluster headaches are believed to be started by the overactivation of brain cells involved in pain processing. One of the prime suspects is neurotransmitter glutamate, which excites brain cells.