Asthma diet: Five best foods for your lungs!

Here's a list of foods that can help fight asthma naturally

Zee Media Bureau

While there's no specific diet that can cure asthma, the food choices that you make can have a huge impact in managing the overall treatment plan. Experts believe that an anti-asthma diet may help reduce the symptoms


Here's a list of foods that can help fight asthma naturally:

Avocados – An excellent anti-asthma food. The glutathione in avocadoes has been shown to protect cells against free radical damage and to detoxify foreign substances such as pollutants.

Bananas – Research suggests that a banana a day could keep asthma away due to high fiber content in it. Researchers found that children who ate just one banana a day had a 34% lower risk of developing asthmatic symptoms such as wheezing.


Spinach – High intake of this leafy green vegetable has been linked to a reduced risk of asthma. Spinach contains high amount of vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and magnesium, which are all considered as asthma fighting nutrients.

Turmeric – One of the best herbs to help prevent and treat asthma due to the presence of anti-inflammatory medicinal properties in it.

Apples - Apples have been shown to provide powerful protection against asthma. Researchers linked these beneficial effects of apples to their high concentration of flavonoids.