Awesome health benefits of banana blossom!

Zee Media Bureau

A banana plant is an eternal source of nourishment and joy. It's every single part, whether it be fruit, leaves, stem or flower, is packed with tremendous health benefits and medicinal uses.

We all are aware with the high nutritional value of banana- the happy fruit and banana blossom is no exception.

Rich in vitamin E and flavanoids, these beautiful purpulish-red flowers posses immense medicinal values and offer colossal health blessings.

Banana blossoms are also rich source of dietary fibers, unsaturated fats and proteins.

Here we are listing some of the health benefits of banana blossom:

Checks menstrual bleeding

Banana blossom is a best remedy for excessive bleeding in women. Eating cooked banana blossom with yogurt and or curd stimulates the progesterone hormone in the body and reduces bleeding.

Cures Diabetes and Anemia

A regular intake of banana flowers reduce blood sugar levels and maintain insulin levels. The fibers of banana flowers contain high iron content and help in the production of red cells. These red cells increase the hemoglobin levels of the body.

Blocks infections

Banana blossoms are extremely beneficial in treating the infection. The ethanol based extracts of flowers restrict the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

A natural anti-depressent

Presence of high magnesium content makes them a perfect mood booster. They are natural and optimal way to promote positive moods and help fight depression.

Helps lactating mothers

Many new mothers face problem of lesser milk supply during breast feeding. Banana blossom boost the supply of milk that helps lactating mothers feed their babies better

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