Carrots good for eyesight `not a myth`

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2012, 16:12 PM IST

London: Carrots, which are packed with vitamin A, have many health benefits, researchers say.

The story that carrots are good for eyesight was put about as propaganda to keep secret the role of radar in shooting down German bombers.

“We do not need extra vitamin A because we already get enough of it in our diet in developed countries,” the Daily Express quoted Dr Dolores Conroy, director of research at charity Fight For Sight, as saying.

“It does not matter how many carrots you eat, your eyesight is not going to get better.

“But it is a real problem in developing countries. About half a million children go blind every year because of vitamin A deficiency. If you do not have enough vitamin A the receptors in the eye which catch light in low light will not work properly and a vitamin A deficiency leads first of all to night blindness,” she said.

Conroy also commented on the wartime eyesight.

“It is one of those myths like eating an apple a day keeping the doctor away and spinach giving you muscles like Popeye,” she added.