Chocolate craving do not increase before menstruation

Washington: Contrary to earlier studies, a new research has suggested that women’s cocoa cravings do not increase before menstruation.

The study, conducted by Megan Apperson McVay of Louisiana State University and colleagues, found that college women were no more likely to say they had an intense desire for chocolate during the days leading up to their period compared with other days.

In addition, the stage of the women’s menstrual cycle did not affect their cravings for high-fat foods, or the amount of chocolate they ate, the researchers said.

These contradict earlier studies, which found an increase in reports of chocolate cravings in the days before menstruation.

However, these studies may have included women with eating disorders, such as bulimia, which could affect the results, the researchers said. The new study included only women without eating disorders.

In addition, past studies often asked women to think back in time, instead of asking about current cravings, as the new study did.

But the researchers noted that further research is needed to confirm the results, as the new study was small — including just 35 women.

The study will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Appetite.