Coca-Cola vows to become calorie conscious, beat obesity

London: Coca-Cola is set to become more transparent about the calorie count displayed on the labels of its soft drinks and also implement steps to promote exercise in the light of growing health consciousness amongst consumers worldwide.

In a report, sugary and aerated drinks have been found out to be the root cause of obesity. Coca-Cola for long has been conducting research over the past years in order to analyze which type of drinks people prefer and found out that Coke Zero and Diet Coke, having less of sugar and calories, were preferred more than the standard red Coke which contains 210 calories.

Coca-Cola aims at becoming part of the solution for obesity by offering low or zero calorie products to its consumers by first introducing them across 200 countries worldwide.

It has also been decided by the Atlanta based company that advertisements aimed at children below 12 years of age will be ended so that a healthier lifestyle can be promoted to the young consumers as well, the reports said.

Having varied products in the market like tea, coffee, juice and energy drinks, Coca-Cola is known to have products that are non-alcoholic. A quarter of its products are low or zero calorie.

According to the report, in a bid to promote a healthy lifestyle and battle with health disorders like obesity arising out of aerated and sugary drinks, the decision of Coca- Cola to introduce alternative zero calorie drinks and provide a more transparent calorie count on its labels, is welcome step.