Consuming multi-vitamin pills cuts cataract risk

Updated: Feb 21, 2014, 16:21 PM IST
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New York: Here is some good news for your eyes as researchers have suggested that daily consumption of multi-vitamin supplements can help lower cataract risk in men.

Cataract is an eye disease in which the normally clear lens of the eyes become cloudy, leading to a decrease in one’s vision. It occurs mainly related to age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The research conducted by scientists at Harvard Medical School involved 14,641 US male doctors age 50 and older.

This sample of 14,641 male doctors was then divided into two groups. Half of them were given a common daily multivitamin, as well as vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene supplements and the other half took a placebo.

The findings suggested that those in the multivitamin group had lower risk of developing cataract.

However, the researchers feel that this finding needs to be examined further in other trials of multivitamin pills in both men and women.

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