Eat eggs at breakfast to lose weight!

London: Want to shed the flab? Go to work on an egg -- it`s the best way to start the day, a new study has claimed.

For decades, it was feared eggs caused high blood pressure and raised cholesterol. Now, researchers at Surrey University have found that eating eggs for breakfast can help slash the calories eaten at lunch and dinner.

Eggs keep one fuller for longer compared with other common breakfast foods, and are also better for people who want to resist afternoon snacks on biscuits, cake or chocolate, according to the researchers.

Prof Bruce Griffin, who led the study, said: "This study provides yet more evidence that eating eggs at breakfast can help keep us feeling fuller for longer and may help people to eat less at subsequent meals, thus helping with weight loss."

The study tested three typical breakfasts with the same level of calories -- eggs on toast, cornflakes with milk and toast, or a croissant and orange juice.

Adding to the growing body of evidence to support eggs as a key ingredient of weight-loss diets, the researchers found volunteers felt fuller for longer and had a lower desire to eat after the egg breakfast compared with the other ones.

The egg breakfast also led to a significantly lower intake of energy at lunch and evening meals compared with the other common breakfasts, the `Daily Express` reported.

Previous US research found that when women were given either an egg or bagel-based breakfast of equal calories, the egg-eating volunteers felt fuller and had less desire to eat
other foods for the next 24 hours.

Another study published last year compared a three-egg breakfast and a low-fat bagel one in a group of men. It found their response to ghrelin, the only hormone known to stimulate hunger, was suppressed.


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