Eat your way to a healthy workout!

Do you like to stay physically fit? Do you go or plan to go to the gym? If yes, then this one's for you!  

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New Delhi: Do you like to stay physically fit? Do you go or plan to go to the gym? If yes, then this one's for you!

You must have already heard that hitting the dumbbells on an empty stomach can lead to all sorts of problems like low blood sugar levels, dizziness, light-headedness, fatigue, etc. Therefore, it is important to eat well before starting with your power workouts and strength training.

A pre-workout snack is one that should be consumed about 30-60 minutes before you start sweating it out.

It's evident that bodies differ from person to person and so do their workout routines. Therefore, it is eminent that their nutrition depends on that as well.

Keeping this in mind, we bring to you a few quick snacks that, when timed properly, will give you the balance of protein, fat and carbs that you need to fuel your workout, build muscle and recover quickly.

1. Whole Wheat Toast with Sliced Banana and Cinnamon: When you get ready for your workout, carbs are your best friends. Whole-wheat toast with fruit gives you both types of carbs and it's also easy to digest. Complex carbs will keep your motor humming, while the fruit adds an extra kick of energy. For an added bonus, add a dash of cinnamon. The spice has been linked to stabilizing blood sugar and improving brain function.

2. Greek Yogurt: Getting ready for a little cardio run on the treadmill? Eat some yogurt first. You can also go for some flavoured yogurt too! It's easy on your stomach and can give you the little boost your body needs. Just remember, a little bit goes a long way.

3. Smoothies: If you're in a hurry to go to the gym, smoothies are your go-to buddies. Not only are they time-friendly, but creating your own blend has a bunch of exercise benefits. For a foolproof formula, use your favourite sliced fruit, a cup of Greek yogurt and some granola for a thicker consistency.

4. Fruits and Oats: Oats are full of fiber, which means they gradually release carbs into your bloodstream. This steady stream keeps your energy levels consistent during your workout. Oats also contain B vitamins, which help convert carbohydrates into energy. Help yourself to one cup at least 30 minutes before you begin exercising. To give yourself that build-up, don't hesitate to add a cup of fresh fruits to the oatmeal.

5. Avocado: This does not mean guacamole. Slices of avocado sprinkled with lemon juice serve as a great pre-workout snack. The healthy fats they contain not only provide long-burning fuel during your workout, but the pair also keeps your eyes, skin, and heart healthier in the long run. If you can't eat simple avocados, you can also try pairing it up with fresh yogurt.

Happy workout!

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