Eating at a buffet? Be smart about it!

Be it wedding season, birthdays, kitty parties, or just a casual lunch at a cozy restaurant, buffet's today are the “in” thing.

Udita Madan

This one's for all the foodies out there!

Be it wedding season, birthdays, kitty parties, or just a casual lunch at a cozy restaurant, buffet's today are the “in” thing.

The array of your favourite food items, different cuisines to try out, lined up simply begging for a dig in get your taste buds reeling!

However, buffet's do have a few disadvantages, the top most one being that people tend to overfeed themselves, mostly because they want to try out just everything in that delicious line-up. In doing that, you realize you feel bloated once you're done eating and go back home.

Everything is so tempting at buffets that you'd wish to have them all. But, you must, instead of nibbling a bit of this and that in an attempt to taste it all, make healthy food choices. 

Below we list a few smart (read: healthy) moves you can make when it comes to eating a buffet lunch or dinner.

1. Don't go hungry:

If you ‘save up’ for a buffet meal, the damage to your body will be substantial. Don’t skip breakfast or lunch if the buffet is late in the evening. If you give these two important meals a miss, you will end up overcompensating by binge-eating.

2. Know what to put on your plate:

We know it's tempting, however, when you are at the buffet table, pick your dish wisely. Starting with vegetables and fruits will leave little room for high-calorie foods. If you go in reverse, you will lose control in the beginning itself.

3. Taste small portions:

You may taste all you want, but make sure that you do not take everything in massive portions. Regular-sized portions will be damaging too. The best strategy to go for is mini-tasting portions.

4. Give a miss for your favourite one:

When you have found your favourite food from the many delectable delicacies, go back and take a slightly bigger portion and enjoy it to your heart's content. You could also leave a few other items to compensate. Keep your health at the back of your head.

5. Lean proteins:

Non-animal sources of protein such as beans, lentils, nuts and whole grains should be preferred over animal proteins. Non-vegetarians should look for grilled fish or lean chicken.

6. Know the dangers:

There are a few foods you shouldn’t go near. If it’s a Chinese buffet, for instance, avoid rice or noodles and dishes prepared with sauces. Also keep deep fried foods away. By doing otherwise, you will do more harm than good to yourself.

7. Avoid empty calorie sodas:


Sugary drinks are a no-no! Keep away from empty calorie beverages, diet soda, beer, wine or coffee. Always remember – water is your best friend.

8. A fruity dessert:

Dessert options on display are aplenty and unfortunately, only a few are healthy. To satisfy those sweet tooth cravings after a meal, a good option would be something made out of fresh fruits. Fruits are full of fibre and other nutrients, which aids your body's digestive process.

Now, go attack that buffet!

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