Five simple tips to eat healthy!

Irengbam Jenny

With our lives getting busier each day with hectic schedules, we don't think twice before eating anything. We tend to eat anything and everything when hungry. We also don't eat proper meals which is required to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays, everyone eats a lot of junk food like burger, pizza which is not healthy. Our lifestyle is so hectic and busy these days but still, we should try to eat healthy food.

Here are some simple tips to eat healthy:

Breakfast is a must

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should not be skipped. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Consuming of protein rich food like eggs and beans for breakfast is a good option as it can prevent over-eating later in the day.

Avoid added sugar foods

Avoid sweetened drinks as they are packed with calories. Consuming excess of such food items can lead to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and weight gain. People with sweet tooth should try eating food items which have natural sweet, such as corn, beetroot and sweet potatoes instead of having refined sugar.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Instead of binging more on junk foods, one should include more fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables provides health benefits like protection against cancer, heart disease and the effects of aging.

Include more fiber in diet

For all those who want to lose weight, you should include more fibrous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage as it keeps you full. Eating fibre lowers the risk of deadly disease, cancer.

Pace your eating time

Do you realize that we overeat when we eat quickly? The reason behind is that when we eat quickly our bodies don’t have time to realize that we’re full so we tend to eat more. So, instead of hogging a meal in 5 minutes, one should try to stretch each meal to 30 minutes. Sipping water between bites and chewing thoroughly can also help you slow down.

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