Know how tomatoes can be dangerous for you

Most people are well-versed with the benefits of eating tomatoes. However, many of you might not be aware of the dangers of eating too much of tomatoes.  

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As someone very correctly put it, “Knowledge is knowing that Tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

Tomatoes are considered staple for most dishes. If not in its solid form, it becomes more or less visible in its other forms like various sauces, juice, pickle, puree, etc., or generally used as a base for many dishes.

Approximately 7500 varieties of the red juicy fruit are grown which are used for diverse purposes. Tomatoes used for the sandwich making purposes are known as the Beefsteak tomatoes. Plum, paste or pear tomatoes are used for making sauces and pastes, whereas, Cherry and grape tomatoes are specifically put in salads.

Tomatoes are an essential part of a healthy diet. They help you meet your daily vegetable consumption, which is 2 to 3 cups as recommended by the US Department of Agriculture. The USDA recommends that red and orange vegetables, such as tomatoes, make up only 4 to 6 cups of your weekly vegetable intake in order to provide variety and the required amounts of essential nutrients.

Most people are well-versed with the benefits of eating tomatoes like it reduces risk of cancer, prevents heart diseases, purifies blood and removes toxins, lowers bad cholesterol levels, improves eyesight, et al. However, many of you might not be aware of the dangers of eating too much of tomatoes.

While tomatoes are broadly harmless, they can cause dietary impediments for some people. Tomatoes are naturally high in acid, which can cause heartburn for those with gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD. People with a food intolerance to tomatoes may have difficulty digesting large quantities of tomato, and canned tomatoes can contain high levels of sodium, which may also cause health complications.  

Disadvantages of Tomatoes:

1. The tomato leaf is UNSAFE. In large amounts, tomato leaves can cause poisoning, which apart from other symptoms, can also be fatal.

2. Acid reflux, also called heartburn or gastroesophageal disease, occurs when stomach acid regurgitates into the oesophagus, creating a burning feeling. Acid reflux can occur when you eat high-acid foods, such as tomatoes.

3. Tomato intolerance can result from consuming small to large amounts of tomatoes, which can cause digestive trouble such as stomach pains and gas. The symptoms of tomato intolerance may vary from person to person, and in mild cases, symptoms may not result unless large amounts of tomato are eaten, either raw or cooked.

4. Canned tomatoes are often high in sodium, with a 1-cup serving containing 564 milligrams, while 1 cup of fresh, chopped tomatoes has only 9 milligrams. A diet high in sodium increases your risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular complications.

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