Health benefits of corn

Zee Media Bureau/R. Nandini

Corn in any form is healthy and must be added to your diet in order to gain from its several advantages!

Here are some super health benefits of corn:

Fights anaemia: Corn is rich in Iron and vitamin B12 which helps in forming new blood cells therefore no haemoglobin issues could be found.

Nourishes hair: The presence of vitamin A in corn, helps in bringing back the lost sheen and softness of the hair strands.

Improves vision: Vitamin A is also known for its vision strengthening effects.

Fights cancer: The abundance of antioxidants in corn fights cancer causing free radicals.

Prevents skin damage: The presence of vitamin A, C and lycopene promotes glowing skin by fighting off skin-damaging free radicals.

Aids digestion: Corn is a good source of dietary insoluble fibers which helps in maintaining the stomach health by keeping constipation at bay.

Energy boosters: Corn has carbohydrates which are excellent energy boosters.  

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