Healthy food habits every office-goer must adopt

Zee Media Bureau/Puntsok Dorjee

"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food" ~Paul Prudhomme

We often neglect our health while living a fast paced life.Most people don't realise the effects of roadside and fast food that we consume,especially people who go to office because it is convenient for them due to lack of time. Here are some healthy options for you:

Drink water and avoid heavy food: Water is the most easily available compound and it helps burn calories. So it is important to stay hydrated and drink clean water at regular intervals. One should try and carry food which not only tastes good but also has nutritional value. If you decide to eat from the office canteen then don't bloat yourself with heavy food. Our digestive system slows down if we keep sitting for several hours, so take frequent breaks.

Carry a fruit: If you love eating fruits, then carry one fruit or fruit juice that is rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, guava, grapefruit or berry fruits. Vegetables such as Cabbage,broccoli or green beans are also good for health. If you feel tired and suffer from depression or irritability, try avoiding sugar and refined carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, white bread and other processed foods. These carry less nutrients and also use up vitamin B which helps to enhance our mood.Try eating leafy greens and mushrooms. Walnut,avocado and apples are also refreshing fruits which will help you combat laziness and mood disorders.

Feeling lazy? Try a lemon: 'A lemon can do wonders and make you feel rejuvenated and charged up'. Office goers should never skip their breakfast, no matter which shift they are working in. They should eat high fiber foods, grains and cereals. Drinking fat free milk and dairy products is advisable.

Eat banana and pulses: A banana a day reduces the chances of asthma. It also helps in boosting our mood and preserving memory. Eating pulses with grain ensures high protein for lunch. Have protein rich diet to avoid gaining weight. Also one must have a light lunch and preferably use the stairs for quick digestion.

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