Leafy vegetables can reset biological clock: Study

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New York: Irregular working hours and sleep pattern plays havoc on your biological clock and it can take a lot of effort from your side to set it right even after you start following a routine.

Adding green leafy vegetables to your diet can help reset the body clock, as Lipoic acid which is found at higher levels in organ meats and leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, helps in synchronising circadian rhythms or the "biological clock", says a study.

Almost one-third of all genes are influenced by circadian rhythms, and when out of balance they can play roles in cancer, heart disease, inflammation, hormonal imbalance and many other areas.

The scientists studied the "circadian clock" of the liver. Lipid metabolism by the liver is relevant to normal energy use, metabolism, and its dysfunction can contribute to the "metabolic syndrome" that puts millions of people at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Researchers fed laboratory animals higher levels of lipoic acid than might be attained in a normal diet, while monitoring proteins known to be affected by disruption of the circadian clock in the older animals.

They found that lipoic acid helped remediate some of the liver dysfunctions that are often common in old age, and significantly improved the function of their circadian rhythms.

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