Meal shake: A drinkable meal on the go

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London: What if you can drink your meal instead of eating it? You would be left with no excuse to miss it, however busy you may be.

You can then have your meal in the car while heading for a meeting or on the desk without interrupting your work.

A Finnish company has come up with an organic drinkable meal that can meet your daily nutrition requirements.

The 'Ambronite' meal is actually a powder that you can mix with water or make a meal shake by putting the powder in a blender.

The powder includes natural ingredients such as oats, nuts, spinach, and maca and Finnish berries, such as sea-buckthorn and blackcurrant.

"It is the ideal meal for a busy person who cares about his or her health," Mikko Ikola, one of the founders of the Helsinki-based startup Ambronite, was quoted as saying.

"Generally speaking, healthy options are in short supply if you want to eat quickly," he added.

What makes the Ambronite meal unique is that it does not include artificial additives that are found in similar products, Ikola said.

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